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Here are a few common types of discount offers:

  1. Online Shopping: Many online retailers offer discount codes or coupons for products. You can often find these on the retailer’s website, through email newsletters, or on coupon websites.
  2. In-Store Discounts: Physical stores often have sales and discounts, especially during holidays or special events. These discounts are typically advertised in-store or through local advertisements.
  3. Subscription Services: Some companies offer discounts or promotions for their subscription services, such as streaming platforms, magazines, or software.
  4. Travel Discounts: Airlines, hotels, and travel agencies often have promotions and discount codes for flights, accommodations, and vacation packages.
  5. Student or Senior Discounts: Some businesses offer discounts to students or seniors, typically requiring valid identification.
  6. Loyalty Programs: Many businesses have loyalty programs where you can earn points or receive discounts for repeat purchases.
  7. Seasonal Sales: Retailers often have seasonal sales, such as back-to-school sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and end-of-season clearance events.

To Find the latest Viator discount offers, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Viator Discounts Website: Go to the official Viator Discounts website at
  2. Search for Your Desired Activity: Enter your destination and the activity or tour you’re interested in.
  3. Browse Available Options: Look through the available tours and activities that match your preferences.
  4. Check for Discounts: On the activity’s page, Viator often displays any available discounts or promotions. Look for messages like “Save 10%,” “Special Offer,” or “Limited Time Discount.”
  5. Sign Up for Emails: Consider signing up for Viator’s email newsletter. They may send out exclusive discount codes and promotions to their subscribers.
  6. Use Coupon Websites: You can also check reputable coupon and deal websites for Viator discount codes. Websites like Retail Me Not,, or Groupon sometimes feature Viator deals.
  7. Follow Viator on Social Media: Viator may announce promotions or share discount codes on their social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  8. Consider Package Deals: Sometimes, Viator offers package deals or bundled activities that can save you money compared to booking each activity separately.

If you’re looking for discounts and deals for booking tours, activities, or travel experiences, aside from Viator, there are several other platforms and strategies you can explore:

  1. TripAdvisor Experiences: TripAdvisor owns Viator, but they also offer their own booking platform for tours and activities. Check both platforms to compare prices and availability.
  2. Travel Deal Websites: Websites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak often offer package deals that include tours and activities along with flights and accommodations. They may also have exclusive discounts.
  3. Hotel Loyalty Programs: If you’re staying at a specific hotel chain, check if they offer discounts or partnerships with local tour operators. Some hotels provide special offers for their guests.
  4. Local Tourism Websites: When traveling to a specific destination, visit the official tourism website for that location. They often list local tour operators and may have exclusive promotions.
  5. Travel Agencies: Traditional travel agencies can sometimes negotiate special deals and discounts for tours and activities. It’s worth checking with local agencies or online agencies like AAA.
  6. Coupon and Deal Websites: Websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Travelzoo frequently feature deals on tours and activities in various destinations.
  7. Credit Card Rewards: Some credit card companies offer rewards or discounts for booking travel experiences using their cards. Check your credit card’s rewards program for any applicable offers.
  8. Group Discounts: If you’re traveling with a group of people, inquire with tour operators about group discounts. Many providers offer reduced rates for larger groups.
  9. Student or Senior Discounts: If you qualify as a student or senior citizen, inquire about discounts, as many tour operators and attractions offer reduced rates for these demographics.
  10. Bundle and Save: Consider bundling multiple activities or tours with the same provider. This can sometimes result in significant savings.
  11. Last-Minute Deals: If you’re flexible with your plans, you can often find last-minute deals on tours and activities through various websites or apps designed for spontaneous travelers.